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Pastor’s Corner January 17, 2016

by jrussell

January 17, 2015 An amazing story is told in John chapter 4. Here is an outcast from religion and society that declares to a group of men “Come see a man…” This is one of the things Jesus does for us; breaking down barriers. The John who shared the story of the Samaritan woman in […]

Pastor’s Corner 9/13/2015

by Robert Gibson

Hebrews 12:3 speaks of being weary in our souls. Paul instructed believers Galatians 6:9 for us not to be weary. The short definition of weary is to be exhausted. In this case it is to be exhausted in our minds. For those that have never been exhausted in their minds they may encourage the weary […]

Pastor’s Corner- 9/6/2015

by Jim Legg

“Come see a man.” While I have no criticism of the traditional fall and spring revivals enjoyed by many churches, I do believe there is a more effective method. The Samaritan woman, in John 4:29, was so excited about meeting Jesus that she ran into the city and told others “come see a man.” John […]

Pastor’s Corner- 8/30/2015

by Jim Legg

“This one thing I do…” was Paul’s proclamation to the Philippian church (Philippians 3:13). Among Paul’s accomplishments and pursuits were; apostle, spiritual father, and writer. These were all high on his priority list. However, above all of these, was the desire to “know him…” (Philippians 3:10). All of the legitimate goals in our lives will […]

Pastor’s Corner – August 23, 2015

by Jim Legg

I strongly believe in the local church. Although we do not have a depiction of what the local church looks like in the New Testament, we do have a purpose. Concerning the gathering of the local church: some meet in designated buildings, some in homes, some in offices, etc. However, God’s people do gather. Two […]

Pastor’s Corner – August 16, 2015

by Jim Legg

Probably the older I get the more I say, “This summer (fall, winter, spring) sure has gone by quickly.” However, this summer sure has gone by quickly. Sometimes, in our busy lives, it seems like life is driving us instead of us driving life. These are times when we need to stop and assess our […]

Pastor’s Corner – June 7, 2015

by Jim Legg

“What a treasure I have in this wonderful peace, Buried deep in the heart of my soul, So secure that no power can mine it away, While the years of eternity roll!” These are just some of the Lyrics from the old hymn “Peace, Peace, Wonderful Peace.” While in jail, unjustly, beaten and terrorized Paul […]

Pastor’s Corner – April 26, 2015

by Jim Legg

Solomon wrote in Proverbs 9:1 “Wisdom hath builded her house, she hath hewn out her seven pillars;” Solomon wrote about the intimacy a believer has with the Lord Jesus in Song of Solomon. In Proverbs, the majority of the time, Jesus is depicted as “wisdom.” Here’s my point: Jesus has built a house. No, it’s […]

Pastor’s Corner – April 12, 2015

by Jim Legg

In 1969 Peggy Lee won a Grammy Award for her rendition of the song entitled, “Is That All There Is?” The lyrics tell of the disappointment of expectation (circus experience), tragedy (loss of her home in a fire), and love (boyfriend left). The lyrics go on to state the reason for not taking her own […]

Pastor’s Corner – March 15, 2015

by Jim Legg

In 1799, while rebuilding a fort in a small village called Rashid (Rosetta), French soldiers found a mysterious black rock. We now know this rock as the “Rosetta Stone.” This black rock enabled translators to understand the writings called hieroglyphics thus opening up a better understanding of religion in ancient Egypt. We too have a […]