Sermons from June 2014

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Sunday Evening 6/29/14


God wants to live his life through us on our journey. If we seek the kingdom of God with focus still on us, we’re not seeking like God intended. We’ll never stop growing in the grace and knowledge of Jesus. The fruitful life is found having God in our lives. The kingdom will manifest outwardly […]

Sunday Morning 6/22/14


The troubling of the water. Moses acted in the 390th year of bondage. He was 10 years early and acted prematurely. Moses acting early cost the Hebrews 30 more years of bondage. If God wants something done in this world, he’ll do it through his people. Scripture coming from: John 5 & 14 I John […]

Sunday Morning 6/15/14


Historically, Jesus died on the cross. An atheist can’t argue against that. We are Christians because Jesus rose from the dead. The grace of God isn’t a license to sin. The more you fall in love with Jesus, the more you want to live a life of pleasing him. The resurrection is a pivotal point […]

Wednesday Night 6/11/14


Buddhism There are 376 million Buddhists. It’s the 4th most popular religion. It is said that Buddha was born from his mother’s side without causing her pain. His father was a king and sheltered him. There are four sights in Buddhism that Buddha realized: the realization that there’s suffering in the world, that suffering is […]

Sunday Evening 6/8/14


On the cross, Jesus was talking with reason. Herod was after one child and that child was Jesus. Jesus’ life was in jeopardy many times, but his purpose in life was to die on the cross. You can look death in the face and have no fear because it is finished. Scripture coming from: John […]

Sunday Morning 6/8/14


What Jesus said on the cross was out of a focus on God. There was a motive behind “it is finished”. The resurrection was in God’s hands; the cross was Jesus’ choice. Jesus Christ came because we were lost and to get us saved. Scripture coming from: John 19, 12 & 18 Matthew 26 Hebrews […]