Sermons from July 2014

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Wednesday Night 7/30/14

Praise is a natural response. When we realize who The Father is and what he’s done, praise is just “thank you”. Praise comes out of our will. The alter isn’t a place for counseling. When you get down, the best thing you can do is praise The Lord. Scripture coming from: Psalms 22, 7, 9, […]

Sunday Evening 7/20/14 PM


Our mind can sometimes dominate and rob us of our peace. Rest is a powerful thing. To be as productive as we want to be, we need rest. It’s a wonderful experience to rest in Jesus. Our sins weren’t repealed, they were paid for. What Jesus did on the cross supersedes what Adam did in […]

Sunday Morning 7/20/14


Life’s a Garden The seed is the Gospel. You’ve got to plow the ground. Jesus is the sun. When we get knocked over, he can straighten us back up. We’re not going to have seed fail. The soil may be a problem, but not the seed. Our goal should be to maximize our spiritual fruit. […]

Wednesday Night 7/16/14


Christian Science Founded by Mary Baker Eddy. Can legally practice in all states. Typically charge for their services such as prayer, etc. Believe in faith healing more than medicinal practices.

Sunday Evening 7/13/14


Water is life. Everything we need in our spiritual lives can be found in Him, the living water. Living water is a gift, not something we can attain through works. There’s a void in your life if you don’t have the living water. With Christ, you’re never too far gone. We don’t deprive ourselves of […]

Sunday Morning 7/13/14


Kingdom Giving There are blessings for everybody but we can position ourselves to reap them. A person can give 10% of their income and never be in relation with The Lord. Giving honors The Lord. If we have honored The Lord with our first fruits, our barns will be full of plenty. Scripture coming from: […]

Wednesday Night 7/9/14


Roman Catholicism. Catholic means universal. Roman Catholic means they look to the Pope as the head of the church. Catholics are our brothers and sisters as much as Baptists, Methodists, etc. They believe in varying levels of sin; mortal and venial. Mortal sins can be confessed and forgiven but venial sins don’t need to be […]

Sunday Evening 7/6/14


We need to consider ourselves dead so we no longer care what people say about us. But that doesn’t mean we can be irresponsible with our lives. Dead people don’t jump off the alter. The more you let God work on you, the less you want to work on the faults of others. People that […]

Sunday Morning 7/6/14 AM


The 700 Left Handed Men Serving our generation. If you found religion, you’re still searching. We’re not trying to sanctify sinners, we’re trying to get people to join the family of God. Whatever we’re doing in the kingdom requires preparation and dedication. We need to be principle driven. There’s more to getting ready than taking […]