Sermons from August 2014

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Wednesday Night 8/6/14


Yadah. Yadah means thanks. It literally means to extend the open hand. An open hand is the opposite of wringing your hands in worry or fear. This is an action that says “my confidence is in God”. The reason saying “Jesus” brings us peace is because we know what’s behind the name. Judah means praise. […]

Sunday Evening 8/3/14


A happy Life. There’s a difference between happiness and joy. Your mind is a very powerful resource God will use to provide you with a happy life. We need to stop complaining about everything. Some people don’t want to change from being a curmudgeon. Scripture coming from: Proverbs 15 & 17 Matthew 15

Sunday Morning 8/3/14


Living out of the Spirit. The thorn in his flesh was Paul’s temptation to think of himself higher than he ought to think. We are strongest when we’re dependent on The Lord. There’s repentance and renouncing, but sometimes you need to sever your ties to a sin. Rejection is one of the greatest pains there […]