Wisdom, Understanding and Knowledge.

In Proverbs, there are seven attributes for believers to seek: wisdom, understanding, knowledge, discernment, comprehension, interpretationand instruction.

Wisdom is mentioned in Proverbs 54 times.

Wisdom is the application of knowledge.

Wisdom seeks out and knows when to give council.

Wisdom knows when to challenge, when to speak and when to stay quiet.

Understanding is in Proverbs 54 times as well.

We need to ask The Lord to bring wisdom, understanding and knowledge into all parts of our lives.

There’s a difference between intelligence and understanding.

Understanding is to know the basics or rudiments of something.

Knowledge is mentioned in Proverbs 33 times.

You’re going to find consistency in the word of God

Scripture coming from:

Proverbs 1, 2 & 8, II Timothy 2, Hebrews 4, II Peter 1, James 1, Matthew 22, Luke 24, John 5.