Kingdom Parables

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Kingdom Parables 1/29/14


Tares of the Field Angels are messengers. “Reaping” means “to cut out”. After reaping, God’s people will shine forth. If you get the seed of the truth of Jesus into somebody’s life you are bringing joy into their life. The result of being tare free is happy people. Scripture coming from: Matthew 13, Proverbs 4 […]

Kingdom Parables 1/22/14


Tares of the Field This parable isn’t talking about the end of time. The devil comes when we sleep. In other words, he comes when we are lazy or apathetic. Scripture coming from: Matthew 13, Colossians 1.

Kingdom Parables 1/15/14


The parable of the tares of the field. When the people became indifferent, the tares were sown. Bad company corrupts good character. The seed of the word of God isn’t sown to make us smart; it’s sown to make us grow. Scripture coming from Matthew 13, Proverbs 24 & 29, Romans 13, James 1, II […]