Religions of the World

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Wednesday Night 7/16/14


Christian Science Founded by Mary Baker Eddy. Can legally practice in all states. Typically charge for their services such as prayer, etc. Believe in faith healing more than medicinal practices.

Wednesday Night 7/9/14


Roman Catholicism. Catholic means universal. Roman Catholic means they look to the Pope as the head of the church. Catholics are our brothers and sisters as much as Baptists, Methodists, etc. They believe in varying levels of sin; mortal and venial. Mortal sins can be confessed and forgiven but venial sins don’t need to be […]

Wednesday Night 6/11/14


Buddhism There are 376 million Buddhists. It’s the 4th most popular religion. It is said that Buddha was born from his mother’s side without causing her pain. His father was a king and sheltered him. There are four sights in Buddhism that Buddha realized: the realization that there’s suffering in the world, that suffering is […]

Wednesday Night 5/28/14


Islam Anything that denies Jesus as savior of the world, I can’t walk with. Islam has 1.5 billion followers. Considered to be one of the three Abrahamic traditions. Islam means submission. Islam is a whole philosophy of life. It governs moral, spiritual, social, economic, political, intellectual, etc. Muslims don’t believe Jesus became sin for us. […]

Wednesday Night 5/21/14


Mormanism Founded by Joseph Smith Believed the modern church went astray. Believe in priesthood authority. Authority was passed by contact right before someone died. Smith believed Jesus laid hands on him and gave him the authority of the apostle. 4 Religious texts: The Bible, The Book of Mormon, The Pearl of Great Price, and The […]