Sermons by Robert Gibson Jr.

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Sunday Morning 7/20/14


Life’s a Garden The seed is the Gospel. You’ve got to plow the ground. Jesus is the sun. When we get knocked over, he can straighten us back up. We’re not going to have seed fail. The soil may be a problem, but not the seed. Our goal should be to maximize our spiritual fruit. […]

Wednesday Night 5/21/14


Mormanism Founded by Joseph Smith Believed the modern church went astray. Believe in priesthood authority. Authority was passed by contact right before someone died. Smith believed Jesus laid hands on him and gave him the authority of the apostle. 4 Religious texts: The Bible, The Book of Mormon, The Pearl of Great Price, and The […]

Wednesday Night 3/19/14


Baptism Bancroft Mission’s stance on baptism. Old Testament cleansing as related to baptism today. It was revolutionary that Jews needed to be baptized. Baptizing is explaining to the world that you now belong to Jesus. All you need to be baptized is to believe in Jesus. Scripture coming from: Matthew 4, Luke 16, Acts 8.