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Sunday Evening 4/13/14


Our Jesus Journey Spiritual Senses This is the mystery revealed: Christ lives in us. Difference between natural sight and spiritual sight. The more we read, study and hear, the more we develop our spiritual eyes. God is faithful even when we aren’t. Scripture coming from: Colossians 1, II Corinthians 2, Hebrews 2 & 6, Revelation […]

Sunday Morning 4/13/14


Our Jesus Journey We need to absorb the fact that Jesus lives in us. The law is designed to bring death. Grace is designed to bring life. We had a birth into the Jesus Journey. The word of God is a higher order than what you feel. Anything we try to do on our own […]

Sunday Morning 4/6/14


Our Jesus Journey Paul mentions Jesus Christ 206 times in Romans through Philippians. Just in the first chapter of each book, he mentions Jesus Christ 129 times. We don’t need to be purpose driven, we need to be person driven. The foundation of everything we do in our lives has to be Jesus Christ. We […]

Sunday Morning 3/30/14


Our Jesus Journey If you preach law to produce righteousness, you’ll do the opposite. To produce righteousness, preach grace. If water doesn’t flow in, it can’t flow out. Jesus walked on water, but most of the time he took a boat. Scripture coming from: Philippians 3, John 7 & 14, Hebrews 10, Luke 4

Sunday Morning 3/23/14


Our Jesus Journey We are saved and kept by grace through faith. If we try to be married to the law and Jesus at the same time, we are spiritual adulteresses. You can’t modify the flesh, you must kill it. Our victory, initially and always, is in Jesus. Scripture coming from: Philippians 3, Galatians 3 […]