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Sunday Morning 6/15/14


Historically, Jesus died on the cross. An atheist can’t argue against that. We are Christians because Jesus rose from the dead. The grace of God isn’t a license to sin. The more you fall in love with Jesus, the more you want to live a life of pleasing him. The resurrection is a pivotal point […]

Sunday Evening 5/11/14


Jesus is our savior, teacher, lord, and messiah. Jesus is the only one that can give us new life. No matter who we take to Jesus, nothing they have done can keep them from being saved. If Jesus is Lord, then he has some expectations. Lordship means we submit ourselves to the chastisement of The […]

Sunday Morning 5/11/14


You should never feel worse once you leave church. If my image of Jesus is incorrect, the Spirit of God won’t transform me into his character. Character is what we do with no expectation of return. Character is not after a good reputation. We can’t have the character of Jesus without the Spirit of God. […]

Sunday Evening 5/4/14


God is less about fixing the wrong things in our lives and more about bringing Jesus in. Jesus is our contentment. We don’t curse the dark, we’re going to turn the light on. Rest means refresh. The more you realize about Jesus, the more peace you will have. Sometimes our preconceived ideas of Jesus influence […]