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Wednesday Night 8/6/14


Yadah. Yadah means thanks. It literally means to extend the open hand. An open hand is the opposite of wringing your hands in worry or fear. This is an action that says “my confidence is in God”. The reason saying “Jesus” brings us peace is because we know what’s behind the name. Judah means praise. […]

Wednesday Night 7/30/14

Praise is a natural response. When we realize who The Father is and what he’s done, praise is just “thank you”. Praise comes out of our will. The alter isn’t a place for counseling. When you get down, the best thing you can do is praise The Lord. Scripture coming from: Psalms 22, 7, 9, […]

Sunday Evening 4/6/14


Praise and Worship Reasons we praise. Different forms of praise. The new song that we sing is the song of the redeemed. Scripture coming from: Matthew 21, Psalms 149, 95, 98, 134, 63, 145 & 111, Luke 19, I Corinthians 10