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Sunday Morning 6/15/14


Historically, Jesus died on the cross. An atheist can’t argue against that. We are Christians because Jesus rose from the dead. The grace of God isn’t a license to sin. The more you fall in love with Jesus, the more you want to live a life of pleasing him. The resurrection is a pivotal point […]

Sunday Morning 4/20/14


The Road to Resurrection. The experience of The Resurrection was about 2000 years ago. The Resurrection has effected all time. Before God ever said “Let there be light”, the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ was already in his heart. The Resurrection was God’s idea. Scripture coming from: Acts 13 & 2, I Peter […]

Wednesday Night 3/12/14


Resurrection Truth, its relevance to us, and its effect on the world. The Truth is found in prophecy. The testimony of Jesus. The boldness of Peter. The testimony of Paul. “On the cross, Jesus died for us. In the resurrection, Jesus gave his life to us. In life, he lives his life through us”. Salvation […]