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Sunday Morning 5/25/14


What do you tell someone who has just been saved? The great commission is to make disciples. We do that by sharing Jesus. Conversion is not a new direction, it’s a new connection. Scripture coming from: Acts 2 I John 1 Colossians 1

Sunday Evening 5/18/14


We need to examine who we trust for our salvation. The Bible is not just a history lesson. We can apply it to our lives everyday. None of us were saved because of the love of God. We were saved by the Cross of Calvary. Whatever comes first in your life is most important. Ministering […]

Wednesday Night 3/5/14


Born Again Getting rid of the black spot. Natural man can’t come into the presence of God. Man is on a different plane than God. Objectively: Christ died for all. Subjectively: Must be embraced by the individual. We must embrace salvation as an individual. Jesus was born of a virgin so he didn’t inherit the […]